Preserving and caring for the environment is both a social and corporate responsibility. We acknowledge that we have a role to play in both managing our environmental impact and communicating good environmental practices to our staff and stakeholders. For nearly five decades, we have developed and rolled out initiatives that minimize the environmental impact of our business and promote environmental awareness.



Giraffe intermovers understands that operating in communities and countries is a privilege.

We also recognize that the success of business is embedded in the progress of society. We therefore see our support of international human rights as an investment in communities, designed for the long-term success of both our society and our company.

INITIATIVES: Giraffe intermovers Code of Conduct and Local CSR Initiatives


With a focus on high quality and customer service, Giraffe intermovers fully recognises the importance of well trained and highly motivated staff as making the critical difference to our customers. In addition, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our employees and to encourage and facilitate social dialogue as a catalyst for progress and efficiency.

INITIATIVES: Health and Safety Manual, Diversity Charter, Personalised staff training programmes


Giraffe intermovers operates in various locations globally and is committed to working against corruption. As part of this commitment, all Giraffe intermovers locations have signed the Giraffe intermovers code of conduct and, in addition, we are rolling out the Supplier code of conduct.

INITIATIVES: Supplier code of conduct, Supplier assessment, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Staff training, SLA’s.