Health and Safety

Customers deserve the most affordable relocation (packers and movers) and logistics services. As a service provider, it is the duty of a company to be loyal while dealing with customers and never cheat customers by charging excessively.We are committed to offering the most reasonable quotes without any hidden charges (flexible pricing).Giraffe inter movers always makes use of good quality packaging materials to pack the goods, delicate items like TV and Computer.Our resourcefulness, loyalty, and competency have earned us the utmost customer trust and satisfaction. The customer trust in us, in turn, bolsters us to give a new height to the standard of our excellence.


Giraffe inter movers understands that a move to the other side of the world can be stressful. We do our best to ease your arrival into a new country, and assist you and your family until you are completely settled in.
In order to continuously improve your satisfaction, Giraffe inter movers has implemented very stringent quality policies based on various standards and customer feedback. We have also created a dedicated customer care department.

Regardless of your country of departure and arrival, Giraffe inter movers accompanies you and guarantees 100% satisfaction .


Customer feedback is vital to achieve our aim of complete customer satisfaction. At each step of the move we ask our clients’ opinion about our service, through our quality questionnaire. We centralise the results in a database for analysis and take corrective and preventive measures based on your feedback. Through this quality cycle, we ensure continual improvement to our services and the customer experience.