To ensure client satisfaction, Giraffe inter movers & logistics has been committed to quality service for many years. We have stringent quality procedures with regular audits to offer the best to our customers.

Giraffe inter movers & logistics was one of the first companies in the removal industry to implement a recognised and certified quality control procedure, which we continue to implement to this day. The Giraffe inter movers & logistics counts among its branches the following accreditations: FAIM, ISO and NF Services Removals and Storage. Giraffe inter movers & logistics improves its services through working with several partners (AFNOR, FIDI, etc.).

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We have set up stringent management systems, which allow for better control of processes including client communications, packing/loading, import/export, storage services and client follow-up. The result is improved control of operational resources, materials and subcontracting.

All our branches adhere to the same quality management procedures and criteria based on those set by independent organisations. The quality management is defined by the Group management and applied by branch managers. Quality indicators, management review and corrective and preventive measures are internal tools to ensure constant improvement of our services.

Furthermore, Giraffe inter movers guarantees the continuous improvement of our services and the satisfaction of our clients through Mr. GoodMove


We regularly conduct internal quality audits. These audits cover all activities relating to the management of the quality system. Internal audits are conducted by the qualified Quality Manager of the Group, or a member of our independent and qualified auditing staff. The Quality Manager and the auditors ensure follow-ups on corrective measures and the conclusion of internal audits. Results are regularly reviewed by management.

All Giraffe inter movers branches are also subject to regular external audits, to ensure that their quality management system functions adequately and is implemented. The Group undergoes an ISO 9001 audit once a year, a FAIM audit every 3 years and an NF audit every 18 months.


AGS Accreditations

The standards applied at all the branches are in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (a Group-wide certification) and the quality standards, unique to our industry, such as NF Storage, and FAIM (FIDI-Accredited International Movers).


Created in 1997 by FIDI, FAIM is the strictest certification and the most recognised in the removal industry. We are proud to announce that Giraffe inter movers has 31 FAIM accredited branches and offices worldwide.

The FAIM certification is aimed at companies that conduct international moves. We use the FAIM accreditation as a guarantee of quality service to our agents. We also use this certification as an additional guarantee that our customers will receive the best quality removal service.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification is awarded by the Swiss auditing company, SGS, the worldwide leader in audits and certifications. Giraffe inter movers was first certified in 1998, and since then have been awarded the certification annually. To date, most Giraffe inter movers branches are ISO 9001 certified.

The ISO certification is a Group achievement and guarantees that each branch complies with the same quality standards. This confirms the Group’s commitment to its clients.


The NF Service Removals and Storage certifications are based on European standards NF EN 12522-1 and 2, and NF EN 14873-1 and 2.

All Giraffe inter movers branches in France are certified NF Storage.